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Any order placed less than SEVEN (7) days prior to your need by date will be charged an additional RUSH FEE of $25 (or more depending on the extent of the order) unless otherwise stated.

Thick in the Chips Cookies: Starting at $36 per 1/2 Dozen (6)

Minimum order: 1/2 Dozen (6)

Cookies are made to order FRESH and take 3-5 days to prepare

These are not ordinary cookies, these are COLOSSAL COOKIES. Ranging in weight from 4-5 oz., these cookies are an experience and a handful.

  • The cookies are baked fresh and if handled with care, can be enjoyed anywhere from a week to two later, but I doubt they last that long in your home.

    • Shelf Life for OPTIMUM freshness:

      • Room Temperature: 2-3 days

      • Refrigerated: 2-3 weeks

      • Frozen: 2-3 months

  • Keep them refrigerated until ready to enjoy and if you'd like, you can heat them up just a little bit an new level of self care enjoyment.

  • Cookies are individually packaged and labeled.

Thick In The Chips Cookie  Flavors 

To place an order, send an email with the cookies you would like to order, how many of each, when you would need them by, your shipping/drop off location and email/phone #.  Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

3x's Dope:

Triple Chocolate Chip (Milk, Dark, White), Rainbow Jimmies & STUFFED w/Buttercream Frosting

Beauty is Her Name:

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookie with Cinnamon baking chips

Best of 2 Worlds:

White Chocolate & Macadamia Nuts STUFFED w/ White Chocolate Ganache

Black Coffee:

Espresso Cookie & Chips STUFFED w/Dark Chocolate Ganache

Boogee Bang Banana Pudding:

Banana Pudding Cookie w/ White Chocolate Chips & Chessmen Butter Cookies


Bout It, Bout It:

King Cake Inspired, Snickerdoodle cookie REMIXED, w/Cinnamon & White Chocolate chips



Oatmeal JAMAICAN RUM Raisin & Chocolate Chunk Cookie


A Fudge Brownie & Chocolate Chip Cookie "CROSSED OVER" with Semisweet & Milk Chocolate Chips & Heath Chocolate Toffee Bits

Dead Serious PBJ:

A Peanut Butter cookie STUFFED with Peanut Butter & Strawberry Preserve

Georgia Peach:

Cinnamon Chip & Pecan Cookie STUFFED with Peach Compote and a Streusel Crumble

Gimme S'mores:

S'mores Inspired Cookie REMIXED & STUFFED


Golden Era (of Hip hop):

Semisweet Chocolate Chip Cookie STUFFED w/ a GOLDEN OREO, adorned with Golden (Chocolate) Cassettes

like WHOA!:

Dark, White & Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, Walnuts, a hint of Irish Cream Flavor & STUFFED w/Nutella

Luxury Cococure:

White Chocolate CHUNK & Coconut Cookie STUFFED w/ Dulce de Leche

Midnight Marauder:

Red Velvet (w/Black Onyx Cocoa), Milk Chocolate Chips, STUFFED W/Nutella

Pink Cookies in a Plastic Bag:

Ruby Chocolate Callets & White Chocolate Chips 

STUFFED w/Crushed Pecans


Pudgee Tha Phat Cookie:

*can be made with or without pecans for those with nut allergies*

Chai Spiced Oatmeal Cookie w/ Baileys Flavoring,  Milk Chocolate Chips & Pecans STUFFED with Irish Cream Infused Chocolate Ganache & Glaze

Royal Sweetness:

Dark Chocolate Chip & Jamaican Allspice Cookie ADORNED 

w/Golden Lions Emblem in Dark Chocolate Ganache


Chocolate (Semisweet) chip cookie STUFFED w/Nutella & Adorned with pipped on Chocolate Paw Prints

Southern Hospitality:

Browned Butter, Toasted Pecans, Kentucky Bourbon & Semisweet/Milk Chocolate Chips

Sprinkle Me:

Larger than life Cake Batter Flavored FUNFETTI Inspired Cookie with an Assortment of sprinkles

Sweet Potato Pie:

Sweet Potato Cookie with cream cheese frosting & infused with Saigon cinnamon

Taste of chocolate (BDK):

Double Chocolate Cookie with a TWIST: Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Cookie w/Special Dark Chocolate Chips & Milk Chocolate Chips

Retired Cookies:

*These cookies are no longer available... at this time. Stay tuned for seasonal comebacks*



Cappuccino Infused Cookie w/White Chocolate Chips, STUFFED w/Cinnamon Ganache

Ol' Dirty: 

CHOCOLATE Rocky Road w/Walnuts & Mini Marshmallows

Uptown Anthem:

Orange Dark Chocolate & Cardamom w/Walnuts (& slivers of almonds) BLESSED with a "Touch" of Grand Mariner

Vanilla ICED Cappuccino:

Cappuccino Cookie w/White Chocolate Chips, STUFFED w/Cinnamon Ganache ICED/FROSTED w/ Vanilla Bean

Young Dirty:

Rocky Road Cookie w/Almonds REMIXED

Custom Cookies / Sugar (iced) Cookies

Starts @ $36 per dozen, Prices increase based on size and customization. 

Customized cookies for your special occasion. Baked and decorated to meet your specifications for your special event/day.

Custom Butter/Sugar Cookies

To place an order, send an email with the cookies you would like to order, how many of each, when you would need them by, your shipping/drop off location and email/phone #.  Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

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